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Welcome to the new and improved KeelyBurns Blog

Welcome to KeelyBurns Blog. This is a lifestyle blog about weddings, fashion, design, home design and so much more. Feel free to contact me with any comments. I would love to hear from you! 

I share my experiences with design, blogging, web developement, wedding ideas, photographs I have taken and how, and home diy's. I love to get comments and feedback and hear about your experiences. If you have any questions in regards to these topics send me a message and I will try to create a post on that subject and I will send you a link right to your inbox!

Enjoy the blog! You can follow me on Pinterest for even more images and information on design, fashion and more, join my facebook group for updates on new posts and on instagram for images that will make your eyes smile, @keelyburnsblog.

Check out the new responsive blog on your smartphone or tablet! Enjoy (the new update should be complete within the next few days, so please be patient as not all pages have been updated as of yet).

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