Resources For the Full-time Graphic Designer & Part-time Web Designer


For those of you who are mainly print designers, but are a web designer at heart and do web design work on the side, here is an awesome link to help you out. This website is a great resource for different code snippets, forums, videos, etc. They come in a bunch of different codes [for lack of a better word] (html, CSS, javascript, php, etc.) I love this site because if I’m stuck on a coding question, this site usual has the answers I was looking for, which is great.

Another site I use often for website inspiration is called Site Inspire. This site has a whole bunch of different sites that are so unique (depending on the content). If you are searching for a certain look, you can do so here, just fill in the styles, types, subjects and platforms. Check it out and see how it works!


Here are another few links that you may find useful:

Subtle Patterns
Colour Lovers (kind of like adobe kuler)
Diff Checker (Allows you to paste your original website page and your updated page to compare them.)


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