Typography and Design


Typography is one, if not the one, important part of Graphic Design. You will not survive as a Graphic Designer if you have no clue what typography is and why it matters. Graphic designers do not use comic sans (unless it is for comical satire) nor will they use a default script. This is because Graphic Designers have an eye for what actually looks good and works well compared to what looks okay.

Typography pairing is something not everyone can master, but for those who have mastered it, it will take your design from good to great. Have you ever wondered how some designs stand out but you can’t figure out why? Chances are it is because these designs use font pairing, between two to three (maximum three) different fonts that work incredibly well together.

You will see a lot of font pairing with more modern Wedding Invitations, on Movie Posters, Books, Packaging, basically anywhere.


Here are your rules of thumb when pairing fonts:

  1. Pairing thin sans serifs with bolder scripts, or even thin sans serifs with bold sans serifs.
  2. You can also do this by the size of your fonts. If you put the “title” in a 60pt font, put the “sub-title” in size 20pt.
  3. Font pairing works when you use the same font three different ways. For example, you can use Gill Sans Thin, Gill Sans Bold and Gill Sans Roman Italic.
  4. This can work by simply using a Serif font and Sans-serif font. Make sure to use ones that work well together, it’s good to have contrast, but bad to have chaos.If you need more help, pinterest is a great resource!


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