Living with Type 1 Diabetes

This blog is all about the ups and downs when living with type 1 diabetes. We try to focus on the ups, but let’s be real, having an auto-immune disease is not something that makes life easier. All type 1 diabetics are survivors in my books. We’ve all struggled with highs and lows and the amazingly encouraging normal glucose! We address everything from the everyday struggles to awesome accessories for diabetics and more!

If you’re a T1 diabetic and would love to write a guest post, let us know, we’d love to share other T1’s views!

5 Things to Never Say to a T1 Diabetic

5 Things to Never Say to a T1 Diabetic

A T1 diabetic isn't diabetic because they "ate too much sugar" or because they are "lazy and overweight". Our pancreas doesn't produce insulin – it's broken– and there is nothing we can do about it. It is not curable and it is not preventable. That being said, here...

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