I'm Getting a Medtronic Insulin Pump

here's why!


Guys, I’m excited! I’ve decided to get the Medtronic MiniMed 630G, and I think this is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Choosing the right Insulin Pump

I have been thinking about getting an insulin pump for the past year and a half. I’ve spoken with reps from both Medtronic and Omnipod, trying to figure out which one is better for me and my lifestyle. After reading reviews on both and other insulin pumps, I’m making the decision to invest in the MiniMed 630G.  Why invest? Because it will cost a pretty penny to get set up on this pump. $7200 worth. Since I have amazing insurance, thanks to my hubby’s employers, they will allow me to save 90% of a maximum of $6300. Since Medtronic has a great payment plan (see ordering process), you have time to mail in the receipts and get refunded by your insurer.

Why Medtronic

Here’s why I’m choosing the MiniMed over Omnipod. The quick answer: It has a CGM built in, Omnipod, does not. Long answer: It also has a bunch of other great features, like bolus calculator for your count, stops giving you insulin if you are below a certain BG (all thanks to the Guardian® Link CGM) and the best part: it will help me better manage my diabetes.

How does an insulin pump help to manage diabetes

I was very skeptical about this one myself. Started using a CGM this past September (using the Freestyle Libre system), and I’ve seen an amazing improvement with my bg’s. Not that they were out of control before, my A1C was 7.0% before I had started the CGM. Now, past week I was told my A1C was at 6.5%! Therefore, if a CGM can lower my A1C by .5%, just imagine what an insulin pump can do!

Ordering Process

The ordering process is pretty simple. I did everything by email, that way it was all written down and easily accessible to go back to. Basically (for Canadians), you need to fill out an insurance form from your insurance provider, get your doctor to either give you a prescription or okay it to Medtronic. If you want to pay the balance in 12 monthly (interest-free!!) payments, you have one extra form to fill out, and voilà!

Depending on your insurance provider and doctor, the process is anywhere 2 days to 3 weeks. Luckily, both my insurance and doctor were super quick in responding, so it only took a couple of days.

Final Thoughts

I am super excited to get my diabetes even further under control in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for a blog post after my first week with the MiniMed 630g. I may even write one before that about the training process, how long it takes before you get an appointment with a “trainer”, etc.

Do you use a Medtronic MiniMed 630g? Let me know what your thoughts are and how it helped to manage your diabetes!


I am not a medical professional and should not be taken as such. I am only speaking from personal experience. Talk to your doctor about any health concerns you may have regarding your diabetes.


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