7 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive

Keeping the Romance Alive

The longer you are with someone, the more they become a part of your everyday routine. You stop going on dates, because staying in to watch netflix in your pjs is just so much better. Sometimes routine is good, even great, but sometimes it puts you in a rut. Here are 7 ways to keep the romance alive in your relationship, to get out of that rut.

Say I love you and Truly Mean It

Close your eyes. Seriously, close them. Now think about the first time you told your partner I love you. Do you remember the feeling you got. The butterflies, the crazy big smile, the nervous voice. That I love you was real, pure and beautiful. Now think of the last time you told your partner I love you. Maybe it wasn’t even a full three letter word, maybe you shorten it now: love you, you too or worse… mmhmm. *Cringe*. Over time it becomes routine to say it. From this day forward, mean it when you say it. Your partner will feel the love and appreciate it that much more.

Make Time for Date Night

I’ll be honest, there’s nothing more appealing to me than going home, throwing on my sweats or pj’s and laying on the couch. There’s also nothing wrong with that, but, a lot of couples tend to loose the romance when we stop dressing up and getting out of the house together. Although, not every couple is the same. There’s nothing wrong with at home dates. Grab some take out, light a candle or two, pour yourselves a glass of wine and voilà. There’s something great about having dinner with someone you love without your cell phone on the table or the tv on. Without any distractions, this gives you time to really talk with your partner. Wine really helps to get people talking.

Say Thank you

Maybe your partner always opens your door for you, or maybe he just spent the day renovating your bathroom. These two simple words really show your appreciation for what your partner does. Whether it be for you or for the house. If you always wash your partner’s car, but they never thank your for it, you may begin to feel unappreciated. When you’re feeling unappreciated from your partner, you may start to feel the romance fade. Always show your appreciation, it’s super easy to do, just make sure you take the time to do it.

Kiss Like You Mean It

We wrote about saying I love you and meaning it. Now it’s time to remember they way your partner and you used to lock lips. It was anything but boring. A steamy kiss is a sure way to bring back the romance in your relationship. And I mean a real kiss, I’m not talking about a peck. Kiss your partner like it’s the last time you ever will.

Give Them a Compliment

There’s nothing better than receiving a compliment when you’re feeling great or even when you’re not feeling so great. When is the last time you told your partner how good they looked. How nice that new haircut looks, or how amazing their laugh is. You may have told your partner you love their laugh before, but I doubt they will be mad if you go ahead and tell them again. Compliments really boosts our self-esteem, so why not make your partner feel a little more confident.

Make Them Laugh

There’s nothing better than a fall-off-your-chair laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine. After a long day at work, laughing with your s.o. can make everything better. It will also help you appreciate one an other, for being able to turn a bad day into a good one. Having a laugh with your s.o. lightens the mood up and allows you to get away from the stresses in life. It will allow you to welcome a romantic gesture.

Have Fun Together

In life there is a lot of things to stress over: money, work, family and so on. Make time to do something fun with your s.o. Go for a hike, kayak, go bowling, do a colour run, go apple picking, join a sports team or go to the spa. Do something you will both enjoy. It will allow you to have some quality time together while also enjoying an activity you both like.

Make sure you do these 7 things on a daily (or weekly) basis. Every couple is different so adjust these guidelines to fit your lifestyle. Let us know what you and your s.o. do to keep romance in your relationship.