Freestyle Libre – My First Month

I have now been using my Freestyle Libre, for a little less than 1 month. I have a lot of insight as to what I like and what I dislike. As well as some great features I figured out.


My First Month

When it was time to switch up the sensors, I got a little nervous. The sensor is extremely sticky. Which is great when it comes to staying on your arm, but when it’s time to remove it, ouch! It’s like waxing, super easy to put on the wax, but when you have to pull it off, you may need someone’s help. My fiancé was the lucky person I selected to pull off my sensor. I made him watch videos with me so we knew the best way to do it. To be honest, watching the videos made me even more weary, it took one guy 7minutes (!!) to remove his sensor! In all honesty, I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to pulling off anything sticky (band-aids, wax [see above], etc.). By the time the sensor was off I realized I was being a bit dramatic, okay very dramatic. Let’s just say putting the sensor on is painless and taking it off is a little bit harder.

When I used my first sensor, I showered everyday. I walked the dog at a decent pace, but I didn’t get overly sweaty or bathe with it on. With my newer sensor, I did a bunch of heavy yard work with my fiancé and also went to a Nordic Spa with my sister. Although I tried my best to keep it out of the water, it was definitely wet for about half the day. Good news: it still works perfectly (I have one day left). The (not so) bad news: I needed to buy K-tape to keep the sensor from falling off.


What I love about having a CGM

Being able to check my blood sugars as much as I want or need is awesome. I feel a little less obsessive about checking every 2 minutes now. Although, I do like to try to check my sugars at least every hour. When I’m out for walks, it is great to be able to pull out the scanner, scan my arm and have a result within a second. The arrows (↗, ↑, ↓, →, ↘) are great as well. Especially when you get home from a walk and need to make supper. If I’m 4.5↘, this means my glucose is falling slowly, so I may want to have a small snack.

Freestyle Libre
Original image

Here’s what these arrows actually mean

Your glucose is:
↗  slowly increasing
↑     rapidly increasing
→   changing slowly
↘   falling slowly
↓    falling rapidly


Download the Software

I suggest downloading the Freestyle Libre software for your computer. This way you can store your readings, modify your target glucose range, the notes and the reminders. It’s a great way to overview your blood sugars over the past week or month. You can print your results or share them with your health care professional. There is also a printable meal plan that you can use and other great extras.



I am not a medical professional and should not be taken as such. I am only speaking from personal experience. Talk to your doctor about any health concerns you may have regarding your diabetes.


Buy Freestyle Libre Sensor Stickers from Type W1N. There are over 35 designs to choose from for men, women, and children!

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