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Graphic & Web Design Tips, Tricks and Ideas

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Using WordPress as a Web Designer

Using WordPress as a Web Designer Before WordPress, you had to build a website using a text editor or a program like Adobe DreamWeaver. Now, there are so many options, almost anyone can build a website. A basic website that is. It still takes a designer or developer...

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How to Work from Home Like a Pro!

How to Work from Home Like a Pro! Who doesn't want a career where you have the ability to work from anywhere. I would love to travel around Canada one day, from coast to coast, without the worry of not being able to make money. As long as there is Wi-Fi (public Wi-Fi...

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How to Become a Freelancer

How to Become a Freelancer   I want to become a Freelancer for many reasons. My Mom is a Real Estate Broker and my Dad is a Mortgage Broker. They have flexible schedules, they can work remotely (as long as they aren't visiting with clients) and they have a better...

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Typography and Design

Typography and Design   Typography is one, if not the one, important part of Graphic Design. You will not survive as a Graphic Designer if you have no clue what typography is and why it matters. Graphic designers do not use comic sans (unless it is for comical satire)...

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