9 Perfect Engagement Ring Alternatives

9 Perfect Engagement Ring Alternatives

9 Perfect Engagement Ring Alternatives


Do you think your s.o. is going to pop the question in the near future? Here are 9 perfect engagement ring alternatives to hint at!



Peach Sapphire


This gorgeous peach and diamond ring is perfect for the artsy, but girly bride. The peach colour adds the perfect amount of romance to this otherwise modern ring. Diamond accents add some edginess to the elegant ring.


Peach Sapphire on ETSY.com


buy it on etsy



I love you to the Moon Stone and back


This beautiful moonstone and diamond rose gold ring, is perfect for the laid back, boho bride. I love this ring. The thin rose gold band is the perfect pair with the large moonstone center.


Moonstone Ring


buy it here



Branch Band


This different band with branch-like characteristics, matched with this rough stone works together in harmony. A perfect ring for an adventurous woman, who loves the outdoors. I’m thinking mountain top engagement!


branch and rough stone


original image



Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is actually a symbol of love and passion in Feng Shiu. What says I love you better than an oval rose quartz and gold engagement ring!


Original image



Opal Goddess


This gorgeous opal stone engagement ring, screams mermaid princess. A stunning stone colour that is also pretty neutral. The diamond halo adds some glitz and some sparkle to the already sparkly ring.



Original image



Raw Diamond


This ring is stunning for so many reasons. The original shape of the stone, will make your ring stand out. Long prongs holding the stone add a modern look. Finally, the hammered gold band adds to the rugged elegance of this beautiful engagement ring!


Raw Diamond Engagement Ring


Original image




Volcanic Art


This incredible ring is both stunning and a piece of art. A rawness of the stones, make this ring feel like an antique or treasure. The prongs are original and the two different types of stone add a uniqueness to this already unique ring.


Volcanic Artwork


Original image




Peacock Green Sapphire


This ring is perfect (for me) for a couple of reasons. 1. It is a really gorgeous colour and 2. I love pear shaped engagement rings. Although, this ring is a little too large for me. The pear shaped engagement ring my fiancé gave me, was exactly what I wanted, even better, actually. It looks like half a heart, which for me represents my s.o. giving me a piece of his heart. I know, super mushy, but sometimes you have to be.


peacock blue sapphire engagement ring


Original image




Diamond Band


Maybe you’re someone who wants something simple. Or maybe you have young children and don’t want a big pointy ring getting in the way. This gorgeous diamond eternity band is a great alternative to the traditional engagement ring.


Diamond eternity band


Original Image


What do you think of these perfect engagement ring alternatives?

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9 Super Chic Save the Dates

9 Super Chic Save the Dates

9 Super Chic Save the Dates

Having a chic wedding but have no idea where to start when it comes to save the dates? Check out these 9 super chic save the dates to get inspired!

Save the date #1

Talk about glitter! This Save the Date is perfect for a chic wedding at a modern hotel. We love the shiny gold colouring and the mixture of script and serif typography.

Save the date #2

This next save the date can be found on etsy. It is a gorgeous rose gold and grey colour, but the perfect grey! This grey isn’t too blue or too beige, it’s the right amount of both colours. Perfect for any wedding. This hand written font mixed with a italicized serif is so elegant.

Save the date #3

This save the date screams greenery and rose gold wedding to us. The rough edges are so different from your traditional invitations. Large bold numbers are perfect for reminding your guests of your wedding. Perfect for putting on the fridge as a reminder as well!

Save the date #4

Minimalism at its very best. The debossed text is perfectly easy to read and makes this save the date super modern. The light grey colour on the paragraph text helps for readability without being harsh in any way. Beautiful!

Save the date #5

A soft romantic font as the heading for this save the date is just right. Mixed with the thin serif font, it is the perfect amount of chicness (< is that even a word?). Since the typography is thin, adding a shiny gold colour makes this save the date stand out!

Save the date #6

Want something with a little more colour? Why not use a romantic floral option. This save the date is still super chic, but is also adds a touch of liveliness. The fonts aren’t your typical serif fonts either. This invite has a thin script matched with a soft sans serif font.

Save the date #7

Deep blue with hints of gold– so chic! We love this card, the calligraphy mixed with the narrow sans serif font works incredibly well together. We also love the movement the paint swipes add to this save the date.

Save the date #8

What says “chic” more than a black and silver foil card. Doesn’t this scream 007 to you? Think modern venue, fancy (fast) cars, martinis– shaken, not stirred, and black tie dress code.

Save the date #9

Midnight Blue, gold and white are the perfect alternative to black and white. Normally, it is good design practice to use no more than two different font styles per project. For some reason, the mixture of these script, serif and sans serif fonts just work in this case. The shiny glittery gold back of the card adds some drama to this save the date!

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5 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Theme

5 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Theme

5 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Theme

Congratulations, your engaged! Planning a wedding can be both exciting and frustrating, but we’re going to help you with your first step. Choosing a wedding theme should be one of the first steps you take (choosing a date should come first). You’ll need to think about a few things in order to choose your theme: colours, season, location/ venue, decoration and restrictions.



Let the brainstorming start. Close your eyes and think of the perfect wedding. What colours come to mind? What sort of look do you visualize? If you like modern elements think of golds, silvers and rose golds. Or maybe your idea of the perfect wedding is at a beautiful cottage, in this case, think neutrals. The next step season may also determine your colour scheme. If you want a fall wedding, think deep oranges, reds, purples and yellows. A summer wedding may look more bright and cheerful and a spring wedding full of pastels. Winter weddings can have the cool look: blues and silvers, or a warm look: reds and golds.

In any case, when choosing your colour scheme think about these element: bridesmaid dresses, grooms men’s ties, flowers and decor. You don’t want to choose bright yellow as your main colour if your bridesmaids look terrible in yellow.

Wedding Theme
Original image




The season you choose to have your wedding will have a big impact on your theme’s colour palette. You definitely won’t be having a winter wonderland theme with pastel yellows, blues and pinks. The season may also impact the look of your wedding. Maybe you want a rustic fall themed wedding. Chances are, your wedding will be within the fall months, otherwise your theme may look out of place. If you are having a destination wedding in the winter, chances are you won’t be having a white Christmas themed wedding. You can embrace the natural colours and go for a greenery themed wedding, or add a pop of colour! No matter when you’re planning your wedding, keep the season in mind.

Original image



Think about what sort of venue you want for your wedding. Do you see a barn wedding or maybe a wedding an ultra modern hotel. This will definitely impact your theme choice. You definitely don’t want an ultra modern theme at a barn or a rustic themed wedding at a modern hotel. The theme will clash with the venue, which will look like a mistake or just thrown together. Make sure your theme and venue compliment one another. You may also want to check out this article on How to Choose a Venue in 5 Easy Steps.

Original image



When your fiancé and you think of how your wedding will look, what sort of decorations do you see? Do you have a favourite flower that you’d like or maybe you love rustic décor. This will all play a big part in choosing your wedding theme. Someone who like clean lines will not want a rustic wedding theme. If all you can see is flowers as the décor, you should try to make that your theme. Have your wedding in a beautiful green house or in a garden. Decoration has one of the biggest impacts on your wedding theme. Try making a list of decorations you’d love to see and then another list of decorations you’d hate to see at your wedding. This might help eliminate certain theme ideas.

Original image



Now that you know what sort of wedding you envision, you need to think of any restrictions you may have. If you’re doing a destination wedding, for example, you may want to have a vague theme in mind. Try not to plan every detail, unless you have access to a wedding planner where the wedding will take place. Countries like D.R. may not have the same flowers they have in the USA or Canada, so keep that in mind. The best thing to do is research the types of flowers available in the season you are going. Choose a colour scheme based on those seasonal flowers.

If you dream of having wedding with a campfire at the end of the night, make sure your venue allows this. A cottage theme may sound perfect in theory, but if you have over 150 guests, this may not be ideal. In fact, this may no longer be an option. Make sure you check the capacity for your venue!

Original image

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11 Beautiful Beach Wedding Dresses

11 Beautiful Beach Wedding Dresses

11 Beautiful Beach Wedding Dresses

You’re engaged, you chose a venuethe beach, and now you need to find the perfect beach wedding dress. Here are 11 beautiful beach wedding dresses for some inspiration.


Greek Goddess on the Beach

The first dress is a beautiful chiffon dress with ruching and a slit for your leg. The two straps add romance to the dress, as does the flowy style of the skirt. This dress is perfect for a beach wedding. Just imagine walking down the sandy aisle with the breeze off the ocean, wearing this gorgeous dress!




Lacey Cutouts

Dress two is a beautiful dress has a mixture of materials: lace, illusion tulle and chiffon. With the tulle and lace straps, this dress is both romantic and sexy. Again, we see the sexy thigh-high slit on the side of the dress– just what you need on a hot day. Complete this look with barefoot sandals and a gorgeous bouquet with pops of colour.




Lace Hi-Lo

This cute hi-lo dress, dress three, is perfect for a beach wedding. It screams “I’m getting married on a beach” in a good way. If you aren’t dying to jump into a classic wedding dress, this might be the dress for you. Even though this dress is a little more casual than your typical wedding dress, it is formal enough as a beach wedding dress. The mixture of lace and the sheer chiffon is so romantic. Imagine a beach wedding at sunset with you in this dress.





The forth beach wedding dress, is this amazing boho-chic wedding dress. Complete with shiny crystals and beading. I see Great Gatsby when I look at this dress, don’t you? If you are a boho bride, this may be the perfect dress for you.

Beach Wedding Dress



Mermaid on the Beach

Not all beach wedding dresses need to be flowy. Dress five is a fitted mermaid dress with lace, ruching and tulle waves. The bouquet of peonies add to the gorgeous romantic look of this outfit. If you want a beach wedding, but you also want a more classic dress, why not go with a gorgeous mermaid style. Mermaids are, after all, from the ocean.




Sheer Lace Fit and Flare

Dress six is a lace and illusion fit and flare. The low illusion neckline is exactly what you’ll need for a tropical beach wedding. Add a classic veil for a time-less look. Or add a headpiece for a boho-chic look, like the bride below has done.




Simply Beachy

This seventh dress is simple, yet alluring. The ruched waist and flaring skirt is the perfect combination for a beach wedding. The open back add a little sexy to the dress. Add a floral crown and you’ll be the perfect beach princess bride!




Long Sleeved Romance

Dress Eight is a long sleeves illusion dress that is anything but classic. Although the sleeves add a touch of modesty, this dress is sexy. If you’re getting married on the beach in a colder season, say January-February, this may be a great option. The flowy skirt has a great beachy feel, so you don’t have to worry about looking out of place.




Wavy Beach A-line

A ruched strapless top with a full wavy skirt is dress nine. I absolutely love the fullness of this skirt. The waves are a perfect combination for a beach wedding. Imagine wearing this dress on a windy day. Perfection!




Full Skirt & Open Back

Dress ten is another full skirted wedding dress, perfect for a beach wedding. The thin spaghetti straps are stunning with this backless dress. If you love a strapless dress, but don’t like being in a strapless dress, this is a great option. No need for a veil with this dress. Go for an up-do hairstyle so that your backless dress is front and center!




Hi-Necked Hi-Lo

Dress Eleven is so breath-taking. This whole combination screams easy-going, fun bride. The greenery bouquet, the high-slit front and long flowy train is the perfect blend for a beach wedding dress. Adding a simple veil is all you need to complete this look.




Are you getting married or did you get married on a beach? What does/ did your dress look like! Let us know in the comments below.

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6 Reasons Why Weddings Are Stressful

6 Reasons Why Weddings Are Stressful

6 Reasons Why Weddings are Stressful


When you first get engaged and are starting to plan your perfect day – whatever that may be to you and your s.o.– it’s really exciting, but it can also become very, very overwhelming and very stressful. Here’s a list of things that will stress you out and ways to avoid the stress.

#1. Picking the date
Picking a date seems easy enough. That is, until you really close your eyes and think of all the people you want there and if they’d be able to make on that specific day. Think about it: do you have friends from out of town, friends who are still in school, grandparents who go away for the winter (or summer). What about family members whose jobs aren’t as flexible as your own? Yeah, I know, there’s a lot to think about, a lot of reason to fell stressful.

Solution #1: call your closes friends and family, who you can’t imagine your day without. Now ask them (beforehand) if there are any days / weeks they won’t be able to make it. Then give them the date you and your s.o. were looking at.

Solution #2: if you and your s.o. picked a date and it has sentimental value to you, then make sure you give your friends and family ample warning so that they can plan around it. It is just one day after all.


#2. Picking the type of wedding you want

Choosing what type of wedding you want may seem simple to you, but it isn’t your wedding, it’s you and your s.o.’s wedding. Maybe you wanted a small close family and friends wedding, but your s.o. wants a huge bash. This is something you need to talk about. Once you figure out who’s coming, now you need to decide if it will be a destination wedding, an in-town wedding or an elopement.



A little Backstory

To be honest, this was the biggest thorn for my fiancé and I. We decided on a big wedding (he has many family members and close family friends). Since we already booked a venue we started planning it out. I got pretty sick a year before the “chosen wedding date”, which made simple decisions really hard. The wedding coordinator from the venue was asking for final guest lists, seating charts and more, and I broke down. Simple questions became stressful ones because we hadn’t even made an official guest list at that point.

I spoke with my s.o. and suggested going away and eloping on a beautiful mountain with just our immediate families and really close friends. He was not into the idea, but knew how incredibly stressful this wedding was becoming, so he suggested a destination wedding (in hindsight, I think it was meant as a joke at first).

I immediately fell in love with the idea and started researching. We spoke with friends and family to see what they thought and [almost] everyone was on board. No matter what, we wouldn’t be able to please everyone and are making sure that we can include family members who won’t be able to make it. By having a small wedding here, beforehand, at the courthouse (which we had to do anyhow, to make the marriage official).


As many friends told me: it’s your (my fiancé’s and I’s) day. You will never ever be able to please everyone, so do something you will both enjoy. Make sure you don’t go broke celebrating one day and then have a party here afterwards to include family who couldn’t make it.

Solution: speak with your s.o. write down all your wedding day wishes – how many guests, where do you see yourself getting married, do you want a romantic elopement, a big bash or something in the middle. Remember, you will have to make compromises in your marriage as it is a partnership, don’t dismiss all your s.o.’s wishes, it’s their day too!




#3. Deciding on a budget

This may actually belong as #1 on this list, but that depends on the person, I guess. Making a budget is hard. Talking money is always less glamorous than all your other wedding tasks, but it is something that is really important. It can decide where your wedding will take place and who will be invited.

Some things to think about: who will be paying for the wedding (you and your s.o., a parent, the parents, a little from everyone)? How much is each person contributing? Is this amount realistic? Are you and your s.o. comfortable spending this amount?

Now that you have a budget, you need to decide how much of the budget is going where. Think clothing [dress(es), suit(s), shoes, accessories], cake, venue, transportation, flowers, decorations, dj, band, photographer, rings, food, drinks, etc.. I used two great apps: wedding wire and the knot. These apps are great because they list budget items that you wouldn’t even think about!

Solution #1: speak with your s.o. and both your parents to talk budget, or decide with your s.o. if this is something you’d like to pay for yourselves. Knowing your budget before you book a venue will be less stressful in the long run because you know right away what you can afford and therefore there will be less disappointments.

Solution #2: do not go over budget! You took the time to make a budget, so stick to it. Going over budget will cause tension. If you both decide to up your budget, then go for it, but make sure it is a joint decision!


#4. Deciding who is going to be invited

Is your wedding going to be small? Can you only invite your best friend and close family members, or is your wedding going to be huge and you can invite all your co-workers and acquaintances? Speak with your s.o. to see who they’re planning on inviting. You may want a small wedding with only really close friends, but you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Solution #1: if your having a small wedding, tell your not-so-close friends this, so they don’t get offended, most people won’t be.

Solution #2: on the other hand, if your having a larger wedding but don’t want to invite acquaintances or co-workers, then don’t. Chances are if you think someone is just an acquaintance and you only see them at work, they won’t be expecting an invitation. Although, if you have two close friends at work and you want to include them in your day, feel free to!


#5. Choosing a theme

This is something people tend to do after they pick a venue – big mistake! Imagine choosing a modern museum as a venue, but you want a rustic themed wedding. The venue will be a big part of making your theme work. First, decide what sort of look or theme you and your s.o. want, including: colours, materials, textures, decorations, etc.

Solution #1: choose a theme that makes sense to you and your fiancé. For example, if you are outdoorsy people, maybe an ultra modern wedding won’t be ideal. Think of choosing a theme that is more rustic, or a greenery theme.

Solution #2: if you don’t have a theme per say, think of what you’d like at your wedding, what season, which colours, what sort of decor. These element make up a theme, you don’t need to call your theme “rustic” or “ultra modern”.


#6. Choosing a venue

This can either be a simple choice or an incredibly stressful one. Based on your theme, research different venues that will suit it. Imagine having a greenery themed wedding in a green house, like Aquatopia. What about a rustic themed wedding at a mountain side venue, like Le Belvedere, or maybe your having a destination wedding, like we are. My suggestion is to speak with a travel agent. They usually know which hotels are the best for your needs and then from their suggestions you can choose the one that seems the best suited.

Solution: make sure you know how many people are on your guest list, do your homework and (if it isn’t impossible) visit the venue before booking. Keep your budget in mind and let the wedding coordinator at your venue know.



Remember, weddings don’t have to be stressful, as long as you have great communication and understanding for what the two of you want. Keep in mind, a wedding is just one day and that the marriage is for a lifetime. Try to stay calm and relaxed. Take a weekend a month before or a month after the big day to go to a spa and relax, you deserve it!

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5 Fabulous Wedding Dresses with Pockets

5 Fabulous Wedding Dresses with Pockets

5 Fabulous Wedding Dresses with Pockets

So you are just like me and look for a dress with a specific check list and then a list of wish list items. Number one on my wish list for any dress: POCKETS! I can not begin to tell you how much I love pockets, I do not buy pants without pockets, even my leggings have hidden ones, seriously. So if you can get a gorgeous wedding dress with pockets, umm… why wouldn’t you?

Dress #1

A beautiful silver wedding dress — totally in style right now (dresses that are off-white: ivory, champagne, silver, blush, dusty rose, etc.). This dress is a classic natural waist ball gown with a modern flair. Pockets and silver… in one? Shut the front door! If you think it’s impossible, just take a look!




Dress #2

A classic lace trumpet. Yes, a trumpet dress can have pockets too. This dress is the modern twist on a classic dress. A sheer top with lace details in all the right places and a fit and flare style with the perfect amount of poof is perfect for a rustic barn wedding. The pockets are sheer as well and made from lace, so it’s a perfect place to store small items like a bracelet you don’t feel like wearing anymore or bobby pins in case your hair falls. Or for people who never know where to put their hands for photos (guilty)!




Dress #3

A cute, but beautiful 2-piece dress. This dress has all the right things: lace on top, a pleated skirt and pockets. The pockets in this dress are hidden thanks to the pleats, so only you know they are there, until you slip your hand into them. The large skirt allows for large pockets, perfect to hide your lipstick and anything else you need hidden away. The dress is perfect for a winter or spring wedding! Either way, your guests and groom/bride will be in awe of this perfect little number.




Dress #4

A very thought out beach wedding dress. You want the light and very flowing skirt for your beach wedding, but you also want a classy look and hidden pockets? No problem with this A-line strapless dress will glow. A-line dresses are great for almost every shape and size, so whether you are tall and thin or short and curvy, this could be the perfect dress for you! Perfect for the beach thanks to its lightweight skirt and strapless top. Take a look!




Dress #5

A structured A-line with lots to love. This dress is perfect in every way. A beautifully designed dress with a defined waist to slim you down. The large skirt and high neckline work together perfectly. The best part about this dress is the roomy hidden pockets that take this dress from good to awesome. You will stand out of the crowd in this dress in more ways than one. Take a peek below!




Your wedding dress is the most important dress you will ever buy and wear. It the dress you will be wearing the day you marry your best friend. Most brides number one want is to buy the most beautiful dress, but don’t forget about comfort and pockets either!

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