Gender Neutral Baby’s Room on a Budget

Gender Neutral Baby’s Room on a Budget

Gender Neutral Babys Room On A Budget

Get this gender neutral baby’s room for less than $800!

See below for the cost breakdown and links to where you can buy these items.


1. $99, HENSVIK Cabinet with shelf unit, IKEA.

2. $20, VÄDRA Babycare mat, IKEA.

3. $149, HENSVIK crib, IKEA.

4. $54.99, Belle Elephant Walk 4 piece crib bedding set,

5. $189, POÄNG Rocking chair with Vislanda cushion, IKEA.

6. $90.99, WILDON HOME Trendy silver area rug, 5’2″ x 7’5″,

7. $36.99, Annmarie You And Me Elephant paper print,

8. $138.49, Birch Lane Charlton 1-light pendant,


All these items total $778.46

(plus applicable taxes, pricing is from 04/04/18 and is subject to change)

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11 Dreamy Gender Neutral Baby Rooms

11 Dreamy Gender Neutral Baby Rooms

11 Dreamy Gender Neutral Baby Rooms

Gender Neutral Baby Room- Cover

Here is a list of 11 of my favourite gender neutral baby rooms. Links to original images are below each image for those who may want more info on the decoration and furniture.

White & Green

This first gender neutral baby room is light, airy and cozy! The greenery paintings matched with the perfect-coloured green curtains add some colour to an otherwise pretty beige room. The fuzzy pillow and bronze reading light add some warmth to the room. Whether you’re bringing home a little boy or little girl, this room will be the perfect place to get some z’s.

Gender Neutral Baby Room 1

original image

White, Grey and a Pop of Yellow

I truly believe white, grey and yellow will always be the perfect colour combination. The happy yellow is a perfect colour for a baby’s room. It adds some happiness and life to the bright room. I absolutely love the animal paintings on the wall. There’s nothing better than some images of baby animals for your little baby’s room.

Gender Neutral Baby Room 2

original image

Mountains for your Future Adventurer

If you are creative, this may be an option for you. You could also hire someone to paint this beautiful mural for you, if not. This room is perfect for the baby of an adventurous couple / parent. The simple geometric animals add some warmth to the room, as well as the cute lantern (sitting on the log table to the right of the image). I guess grey is really in right now, from the looks of it!

Gender Neutral Baby Room 3

original image

Wood Accent Wall

Add a log cabin look to your nursery, by creating a wood accent wall. Remember, wood can be stained, and even painted. Feel free to buy a lighter wood or paint the wood a happy colour. I’d go with a lighter crib to add contrast against the wall, or even a black crib. Also, not a huge fan of carpet on-top of carpet, but to each his own.

Gender Neutral Baby Room 4

original image

Greige at It’s Best

Chandelier– check! Wooden moon wall art – check! Giant photos of rabbits – check! I love a lot of the pieces in this room, and it seems to work thanks to how neutral all the elements are. Like I had said earlier, not a huge fan of carpet- on-top of carpet, and this room seems to have layered not two but three carpets! Other than that, this room is quite adorable for a baby girl or boy.

Gender Neutral Baby Room 5

original image

Moon & Stars

This nursery is incredibly cute. From the fabric cloud, moon and star, to the polka dot accent wall and the interesting furniture and art pieces. The map carpet on the light grey wood floors is a great extra. I love all the texture in this room – did I mention how fun the tissue paper pompoms were!

Gender Neutral Baby Room 6

original image

Nursery Fit For a Safari Guide

The black and white jungle animal wall paper. The tribal print blanket. The tribal style foot rest. Everything about this room screams safari. I love how perfect the neutral walls and furniture compliment the accent wall and materials used in this gender neutral nursery. Absolutely perfect.

Gender Neutral Baby Room 7

original image

Ship-lack & Wicker

The brightness of the walls paired with warmer neutral brown is the way to go. This nomadic rug fits perfectly in this neutral baby’s room. It adds some subtle colour to an otherwise achromatic room.

Gender Neutral Bedroom 8

original image

Wall Paper and a Camel

The moon phase wall paper is simple, yet exciting. The wicker center light adds some warmth to the room along with the burnt orange blanket, cozy floor pillow and adorable camel photo. I love how much texture there is in this room, from the light fixture, the carpet, the basket, curtains and more. This room is nothing less than aesthetically pleasing.

Gender Neutral Babys Room 9

original image

Can you say Cactus

This accent wall is full of life. The deer antlers are a bit over-kill if you ask me. I think this wall is perfect all by itself, no need to add artwork to it. The plain white crib stands out thanks to the contrasting colourful wall. I’m not a huge fan of fur, but this chair looks super modern and pretty cozy with the faux (?) fur throw.

Gender Neutral Baby Room 10

original image

Wild and Free

Pale blue, almost grey walls, paired with coral and grey carpet? This is a perfect contrast for a gender neutral baby’s room. The artwork on the walls are subtle but stand out. Just loving how bright this room is and really in to the round blanket trend as well.

Gender Neutral Bedroom 11

original image

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