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Who is KeelyBurns Blog…

KeelyBurns Blog started as a casual blog in 2014. Since then, it has grown stylistically and physically to a well known blog based just outside of Montreal, Canada. The owner and creative mind behind KeelyBurns Blog, is Keely Burns. In 2013, she graduated from Dawson College in Graphic Design and began her journey as a freelance and full time Graphic Design employee.

Since 2013, she found a deep passion for many things and decided to create a blog to share her passions with the world. Graphic Design, Web Design / Development, Weddings, Interior Design, Photography and more.

Keely spent much of her free time finding ways to learn even more about graphic design and more recently, photography and web design. Spending many hours on pinterest and instagram looking for inspiration, she came to find a love for blogging, a world where people, just like her, could share their insights, passion and knowledge with the world. This is how KeelyBurns Blog came to be.

Enjoy the blog! You can follow KeelyBurns Blog on Pinterest for even more images and information on design, fashion and more, join my facebook group for updates on new posts and on instagram for images that will make your eyes smile, @keelyburnsblog.

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