9 Wedding Cake Alternatives

Dessert is an important part of a wedding. Most guests are expecting a wedding cake or cupcakes, but here are 9 alternative to wedding cake.

Rice Crispy Wedding Cake

Now this is a wedding cake that would make my older sister swoon over. Say hello to alternative cake one. You might think that a rice crispy cake can’t possibly be elegant. Well let me change your mind. This is a super elegant and romantic looking cake, even if it is made with the cereal we all loved as kids. Complete with burgundy flowers and eggplant-coloured ribbon, this cake is anything but childish.


Original image


Cake Pops that Pop

Cake alternative two is a beautiful ombre cake pop cake. This cake is even topped with a cake-pop bride and groom. Perfect for a something blue themed wedding or even a winter themed wedding. This is a great alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Your guests will not be disappointed!


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Oreo Cookie Cake

Please don’t let my fiancé see this! Do you and your s.o. love Oreos? Cake alternative three may be the cake for you. Serve with milk, or hot chocolate in the colder months, and your guests will love it! This is not for the classic bride, but if you guys are planning a cottage wedding or a relaxed backyard wedding, this cake may be perfect!


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Doughnut Delight

All I can say is yum! Cake alternative four looks ah-maze-ing. If you and your fiancé love doughnuts, well then take a look at this doughnut tower. The different kinds of doughnuts add colour and texture to the tower. The addition of flowers on the top and a few flowers on each tier are the perfect touch. The only problem: you have to share with your guests 😉


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Ice Cream Sandwich Swoon

So you may not be able to have this cake alternative on display for long. You don’t want your tower of ice cream sandwiches melting! Number five is an ice cream sandwich tower. Complete with everything from the classic chocolate chip to red velvet, this is a great option!


Original image



Crepe Cake

Cake alternative six is a gorgeous ombre berry crepe cake. This cake would be perfect for an outdoor wedding, a wedding in a greenhouse or even a rustic barn wedding. This cake screams summer. This is a light alternative to heavy wedding cake.


Original image

Macaroon and Rose Pillar

The seventh alternative is a macaroon tower. This specific blush coloured macaroon tower is girly, elegant and so romantic. The addition of roses in between every tier is perfect. This could even work for an it’s a girl baby shower or a bridal shower. You can switch up the colours to match your theme, or go with the classic white or ivory wedding colours.


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Wedding Pie

The eighth wedding cake alternative is a beautiful wedding pie. This classic apple pie is anything but ordinary. The braided weaves and the addition of the summer flowers makes this cake perfect for a summer wedding. Think rustic barn or cottage getaway wedding. If you and your s.o. aren’t really big on heavy wedding cakes, why not have a wedding pie, I mean who doesn’t love a fresh pie? You can have any pie too: apple, rhubarb, berry, pumpkin, sugar and so many more options.


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Cannoli Castle

The perfect Italian dessert for a wedding. This cannoli tower is wedding cake alternative nine. We have mentioned cannoli towers as wedding cake alternatives before, on our 11 Modern Wedding Cakes post. The wedding tower on this page is made with pink flowers and looks more like a summer wedding cake. This cannoli tower would be perfect for a fall wedding, with the rich reds, oranges and purples. Take a look!


Original image



Are you a modern bride or groom, who doesn’t want the traditional wedding cake? What do you think of these alternatives?

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