9 Super Chic Save the Dates

Having a chic wedding but have no idea where to start when it comes to save the dates? Check out these 9 super chic save the dates to get inspired!

Save the date #1

Talk about glitter! This Save the Date is perfect for a chic wedding at a modern hotel. We love the shiny gold colouring and the mixture of script and serif typography.

Save the date #2

This next save the date can be found on etsy. It is a gorgeous rose gold and grey colour, but the perfect grey! This grey isn’t too blue or too beige, it’s the right amount of both colours. Perfect for any wedding. This hand written font mixed with a italicized serif is so elegant.

Save the date #3

This save the date screams greenery and rose gold wedding to us. The rough edges are so different from your traditional invitations. Large bold numbers are perfect for reminding your guests of your wedding. Perfect for putting on the fridge as a reminder as well!

Save the date #4

Minimalism at its very best. The debossed text is perfectly easy to read and makes this save the date super modern. The light grey colour on the paragraph text helps for readability without being harsh in any way. Beautiful!

Save the date #5

A soft romantic font as the heading for this save the date is just right. Mixed with the thin serif font, it is the perfect amount of chicness (< is that even a word?). Since the typography is thin, adding a shiny gold colour makes this save the date stand out!

Save the date #6

Want something with a little more colour? Why not use a romantic floral option. This save the date is still super chic, but is also adds a touch of liveliness. The fonts aren’t your typical serif fonts either. This invite has a thin script matched with a soft sans serif font.

Save the date #7

Deep blue with hints of gold– so chic! We love this card, the calligraphy mixed with the narrow sans serif font works incredibly well together. We also love the movement the paint swipes add to this save the date.

Save the date #8

What says “chic” more than a black and silver foil card. Doesn’t this scream 007 to you? Think modern venue, fancy (fast) cars, martinis– shaken, not stirred, and black tie dress code.

Save the date #9

Midnight Blue, gold and white are the perfect alternative to black and white. Normally, it is good design practice to use no more than two different font styles per project. For some reason, the mixture of these script, serif and sans serif fonts just work in this case. The shiny glittery gold back of the card adds some drama to this save the date!


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