9 Perfect Engagement Ring Alternatives


Do you think your s.o. is going to pop the question in the near future? Here are 9 perfect engagement ring alternatives to hint at!



Peach Sapphire


This gorgeous peach and diamond ring is perfect for the artsy, but girly bride. The peach colour adds the perfect amount of romance to this otherwise modern ring. Diamond accents add some edginess to the elegant ring.


Peach Sapphire on ETSY.com


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I love you to the Moon Stone and back


This beautiful moonstone and diamond rose gold ring, is perfect for the laid back, boho bride. I love this ring. The thin rose gold band is the perfect pair with the large moonstone center.


Moonstone Ring


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Branch Band


This different band with branch-like characteristics, matched with this rough stone works together in harmony. A perfect ring for an adventurous woman, who loves the outdoors. I’m thinking mountain top engagement!


branch and rough stone


original image



Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is actually a symbol of love and passion in Feng Shiu. What says I love you better than an oval rose quartz and gold engagement ring!


Original image



Opal Goddess


This gorgeous opal stone engagement ring, screams mermaid princess. A stunning stone colour that is also pretty neutral. The diamond halo adds some glitz and some sparkle to the already sparkly ring.



Original image



Raw Diamond


This ring is stunning for so many reasons. The original shape of the stone, will make your ring stand out. Long prongs holding the stone add a modern look. Finally, the hammered gold band adds to the rugged elegance of this beautiful engagement ring!


Raw Diamond Engagement Ring


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Volcanic Art


This incredible ring is both stunning and a piece of art. A rawness of the stones, make this ring feel like an antique or treasure. The prongs are original and the two different types of stone add a uniqueness to this already unique ring.


Volcanic Artwork


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Peacock Green Sapphire


This ring is perfect (for me) for a couple of reasons. 1. It is a really gorgeous colour and 2. I love pear shaped engagement rings. Although, this ring is a little too large for me. The pear shaped engagement ring my fiancé gave me, was exactly what I wanted, even better, actually. It looks like half a heart, which for me represents my s.o. giving me a piece of his heart. I know, super mushy, but sometimes you have to be.


peacock blue sapphire engagement ring


Original image




Diamond Band


Maybe you’re someone who wants something simple. Or maybe you have young children and don’t want a big pointy ring getting in the way. This gorgeous diamond eternity band is a great alternative to the traditional engagement ring.


Diamond eternity band


Original Image


What do you think of these perfect engagement ring alternatives?

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