7 Ways to Stay on Budget

Before we get to the 7 ways to stay on budget, you’ll need to sit down and make a budget with your fiancé and/or whoever else will be helping to pay for the big day. My number one suggestion is: after you make a budget– stick to it!


1: D.I.Y centrepieces

Girls and Boys, this can save you hundreds. My best advice is to use pinterest, make a board, name it Centrepieces and then search under the D.I.Y or Wedding category. You will most likely find over 50 that you’ll like. From there read the instructions, see if it is do-able. From here, narrow it down to your 5 favourite and then show your future husband / wife and decide on the final centrepiece together. Add a pop of colour, think of your wedding theme/colours, and think of ways to personalize the centrepiece even more.

2: A beautiful venue with budget-friendly prices — Yes they do really exist

Okay, this step will require some research, phone calls and/ or emails. I found the easiest way is to do as much of your own research as possible, and if you can’t find the pricing information on the venue’s website, the next step is to email them. If you haven’t heard back in a week and a half and you still really like the venue, give them a call. Weddings are priority for most venues because of how much money they make off of them, so chances are they will be just as eager to call you back as you are to get the information.

Once you receive all your information, be sure to visit the venue with the venue’s event planner. Usually, the Event Planner will give you information that is not shown on their website, for example: special pricing, other food and drink options, special room pricing for wedding guest (if venue is a hotel, resort, etc.), what exactly is included (some venues come with decoration or won’t need much decoration, keep this in mind for your budget). Make sure you also mention your budget to the Event Planner.

Once you have all the information from all the venues, make a spread sheet in excel or on paper, you can use my print-friendly PDF spread sheet for this, if you need. Now you have all the information you need to make a decision on your venue. Remember, sometimes it’s worth the extra $1000 dollars if the venue comes with decorations.

3: Don’t buy your dress at the big box stores or buy it at all

Is it just me, or is it crazy to spend $8,000 on a dress you are going to wear for one day?! I think wedding dresses are over priced because they know women won’t settle for an okay dress. Every woman (or almost every woman) has a dress in mind even before they start shopping. Once you see the dress in person, you fall in love with it and have a need for it, no matter what the price. Until you look at the tag, that is.

Kleinfeld’s and other expensive Wedding Dress stores use only the best quality fabrics, but these dresses come at a very hefty price. To avoid the shock, go to a more affordable store. For example, the more affordable prices in Montreal tend to be on St-Hubert street, in Ottawa, David’s Bridal is a great option as well.

If you aren’t okay with spending even $1000 on a wedding dress, then shop online or buy a second-hand wedding dress, remember, we only wear the dress once anyways and you can bring the dress to a reputable dry-cleaners as well. You can also rent your dress if you won’t be attached to it once the wedding is over or you don’t want to hand it down to your children.

There are a few second-hand wedding dress shops online:

Still White

Pre-owned Wedding Dresses

The Knot



4: Opt for a non-tradition wedding “cake” (macaroon tower, wedding pies, etc,)

Wedding cakes cost quite a bit, while other options seem to be more budget friendly. There are endless options! Cupcake towers, macaroon towers, wedding pie (yum!), wedding pancake tower cake, waffle cake tower, cannoli tower, donut tower and so many more. Think of all the possibilities, start by listing your spouse and your favourite desserts, from there, let your imagination go wild. Maybe you are more in to candy than cake, you can have a sweet table with candies galore instead.

5: Rent the tux — the hubby will only wear it once anyways!

This one is pretty much self-explanatory. The only thing I will recommend is to shop around, some stores will have better options and pricing than others.


6: Ditch the limo if you’re having your wedding at a hotel or resort

Again, this one is self-explanatory. If you are already staying at the hotel or resort, why waste money on transportation. Let’s be honest no one will notice if there is no car, if you aren’t going to be going in one. So save the hassle of finding a rental company and save your money by opting out of this costly tradition.


7: Reduce the guest list

You don’t need to invite work acquaintances, they’re probably only going to come because they feel obligated anyways. If one venue is $5000 less expensive but can only fit 120 people and you have a guest list of 150, but you also have work and old high school friends who you never see or speak to, well… all you have to do is remove them.

Believe me, if you only see them at work, passing them in the hall or haven’t heard from or seen them in over 10 years, they won’t be upset that you didn’t invite them. Trust me, they won’t!

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