7 Adventure Filled Honeymoon Destinations

You finally got through your wedding and now it’s time to plan your honeymoon. We’ve compiled a list of our 7 favourite adventure filled honeymoon destinations to help you out. If you’d rather go on a relaxing honeymoon, check out this post.


Honeymoon in Ecuador

Our first destination is based in South America. Nothing screams adventure like the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. Surrounded by the pacific ocean on a volcano islet, this destination is ideal for the adventurous couple. Activities range from mountain (or volcano) biking. You can go hiking in the Amazon jungle or the Cayambe-Coca Ecological Reserve (where you can hike through grasslands and mountainous cloud forests– very moist forests with a lot of fog). You can also refresh during a waterfalls hike or relax by soaking in the hot springs. There is so much to see and do in the Galapagos Islands, so if you and your s.o. are craving adventure, this might be the honeymoon for you.



Honeymoon in Switzerland

Destination two is Switzerland. If you and your s.o. love to ski or snowboard, paraglide, zip line, parachute, hike or explore via quad, this may be the perfect destination for you. Remember that you can ski or snowboard in the Alps almost all year long – although you can only ski between 7am and 12:30pm in the middle of summer. This is because by the afternoon the snow is practically all gone. Switzerland is great in the spring seasons because when you are on the mountain, you can snowboard in a light sweater or you can tan near the summit in a bikini. You get the best of both worlds.



Honeymoon in Canada

The third destination is located here in Canada – the Yukon! Continuing with the colder climates, the Yukon might be freezing in the winter with days that have no sunlight whatsoever, but in the summer season, it is a whole different story. Adventures include: guided river trips, guided hiking trips, fishing trips, or go on an adventure on your own. There are also activities all year round for people who want to see either the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. Depending on what time of the year you go, there are a bunch of different activities you can do. There are also many things to see including the amazing skies or the vast nature including animals, landscapes and vegetation. Here are a couple websites to checkout: Yukon Wild and Up North Adventures.



Since we’re already in Canada, here is destination four: Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta. Back-country camping, canoeing or kayaking on Alpine Lake, hiking, Via Ferrata (guided experience going on steel bridges and rungs up sheer rock faces) or have an adventure filled day rafting. If any of this sounds great to you, you should check out this adventure filled destination!



Honeymoon in Hawaii

What if you and your fiancé want a honeymoon in the winter months, but want to go to a warm, tropical destination? Well, destination five is Hawaii! This is the place my fiancé and I have been dreaming about going for our honeymoon, even before we got engaged. The mountainous and volcanic landscapes mixed with tropical beaches seems like paradise to us. We can go on an adventure and then relax by the ocean or hike to a waterfall and spend the afternoon there. Here are a few adventures you can go on while honeymooning in Hawaii: Hike through the tallest of trees at Sugi Grove in Kauai, hiking through the lush rainforest of Oahu to the beautiful waterfalls. You can also go kayaking, whale watching, snorkelling, surfing, zip-lining, swim with the dolphins or sea turtles and so much more. 



Honeymoon in the Bahamas

Destination six is somewhere my fiancé and I are now considering going for our honeymoon, maybe half here and half in Hawaii. Where, you ask: Bahamas. The real reason I want to go here is to swim with the pigs. Yes, you read that right – I want to swim in the ocean with cute pigs. Other adventures you can go in include: jet skiing, sightseeing, snorkelling, scuba diving, jeep island tours, parasailing, explore Lucayan National Park and more.



Honeymoon in China

The seventh destination for a honeymoon adventure is China. Now, I’m not talking the big cities in China, I’m talking about adventures through the Great Wall of China and visiting the rice fields (which are incredibly gorgeous!). Some other adventures are: visiting the Forbidden City, West Lake, Temple of Heaven, Stone Forest, Huangshan mountain and more. You will need more than a week to visit all these amazing places. If you and your fiancé were planning on a extended honeymoon, this may be the place for you!



Where did/are you go for your honeymoon? What adventures did you go on? Let us know in the comments below!

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