5 Things to Never Say to a T1 Diabetic

What not to say to a T1 Diabetic

A T1 diabetic isn’t diabetic because they “ate too much sugar” or because they are “lazy and overweight”. Our pancreas doesn’t produce insulin – it’s broken– and there is nothing we can do about it. It is not curable and it is not preventable. That being said, here are 5 things you should never say to a T1 diabetic.

Number 1

“You shouldn’t eat that” or “Should you really be eating that”. Cringe. Usually my response is: should you really be eating that? With that I go on to explain (for the millionth time?) that T1D is controlled using insulin. And yes, although we shouldn’t be stuffing our faces with sugar and processed foods neither should anyone else!5 things to never say to a T1 diabetic

5 things to never say to a T1 diabetic

Number 2

“I heard diabetes can be cured by cinnamon”. I heard stupidity could be cured, clearly we’re both wrong. If diabetes could be cured by a simple spice, don’t you think we would all be eating cinnamon sticks? You can’t cure type 1 diabetes. And until researchers find a cure, we’ll stick with insulin. Thanks, though.5 things to never say to a T1 diabetic

Number 3

When our blood sugar is low and someone says “You should take some insulin”. Okay, to be fair, we know you aren’t diabetic, so we know you aren’t super knowledgeable about it. That being said, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, just don’t speak.

5 things to never say to a T1 diabetic

Number 4

“I don’t know how you take a needle, doesn’t it hurt? I wouldn’t be able to do that”. Let me start off by saying, no, it doesn’t always hurt, but when it does, it really hurts. Next: If I don’t take my insulin, I die, so there’s not much choice involved.

5 things to never say to a T1 diabetic

Number 5

Finally, the worst possible thing you can say to a T1 Diabetic. “People die from diabetes, don’t they?”. Really? Who says that? I’ve been told oh you have diabetes, your life expectancy isn’t going to be that long, so you should just live each day like it’s your last. First of all, this isn’t only rude, but it’s incredibly hurtful. Listen, people die everyday. If I take care of myself, like I do, my life expectancy will be just as long as every other healthy person.

5 things to never say to a T1 diabetic

I am not a medical professional and should not be taken as such. I am only speaking from personal experience. Talk to your doctor about any health concerns you may have regarding your diabetes.


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