5 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Theme

Congratulations, your engaged! Planning a wedding can be both exciting and frustrating, but we’re going to help you with your first step. Choosing a wedding theme should be one of the first steps you take (choosing a date should come first). You’ll need to think about a few things in order to choose your theme: colours, season, location/ venue, decoration and restrictions.



Let the brainstorming start. Close your eyes and think of the perfect wedding. What colours come to mind? What sort of look do you visualize? If you like modern elements think of golds, silvers and rose golds. Or maybe your idea of the perfect wedding is at a beautiful cottage, in this case, think neutrals. The next step season may also determine your colour scheme. If you want a fall wedding, think deep oranges, reds, purples and yellows. A summer wedding may look more bright and cheerful and a spring wedding full of pastels. Winter weddings can have the cool look: blues and silvers, or a warm look: reds and golds.

In any case, when choosing your colour scheme think about these element: bridesmaid dresses, grooms men’s ties, flowers and decor. You don’t want to choose bright yellow as your main colour if your bridesmaids look terrible in yellow.

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The season you choose to have your wedding will have a big impact on your theme’s colour palette. You definitely won’t be having a winter wonderland theme with pastel yellows, blues and pinks. The season may also impact the look of your wedding. Maybe you want a rustic fall themed wedding. Chances are, your wedding will be within the fall months, otherwise your theme may look out of place. If you are having a destination wedding in the winter, chances are you won’t be having a white Christmas themed wedding. You can embrace the natural colours and go for a greenery themed wedding, or add a pop of colour! No matter when you’re planning your wedding, keep the season in mind.

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Think about what sort of venue you want for your wedding. Do you see a barn wedding or maybe a wedding an ultra modern hotel. This will definitely impact your theme choice. You definitely don’t want an ultra modern theme at a barn or a rustic themed wedding at a modern hotel. The theme will clash with the venue, which will look like a mistake or just thrown together. Make sure your theme and venue compliment one another. You may also want to check out this article on How to Choose a Venue in 5 Easy Steps.

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When your fiancé and you think of how your wedding will look, what sort of decorations do you see? Do you have a favourite flower that you’d like or maybe you love rustic décor. This will all play a big part in choosing your wedding theme. Someone who like clean lines will not want a rustic wedding theme. If all you can see is flowers as the décor, you should try to make that your theme. Have your wedding in a beautiful green house or in a garden. Decoration has one of the biggest impacts on your wedding theme. Try making a list of decorations you’d love to see and then another list of decorations you’d hate to see at your wedding. This might help eliminate certain theme ideas.

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Now that you know what sort of wedding you envision, you need to think of any restrictions you may have. If you’re doing a destination wedding, for example, you may want to have a vague theme in mind. Try not to plan every detail, unless you have access to a wedding planner where the wedding will take place. Countries like D.R. may not have the same flowers they have in the USA or Canada, so keep that in mind. The best thing to do is research the types of flowers available in the season you are going. Choose a colour scheme based on those seasonal flowers.

If you dream of having wedding with a campfire at the end of the night, make sure your venue allows this. A cottage theme may sound perfect in theory, but if you have over 150 guests, this may not be ideal. In fact, this may no longer be an option. Make sure you check the capacity for your venue!

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